Shadow lurero

October 2011 – February 2012 (5 months) | BA Degree Project | Tokyo Gakugei University

Nowadays children tend to collect a lot of information and knowledge through media such as TV program and Internet. But they have not felt, smelled or touched many things which they know facts about. Even though they have much knowledge, they do not have enough experience to connect it with reality. This project was about how I could produce experience for children to feel reality and make connection between their knowledge and experience.

Shadow / Game

Playing with shadows which have perfect connections between changing shadow appearances and people movements in an animation game consists of both physical reality and technical media. It produces a experience where children can feel the effective situation to play with shadow.

Let children to be creative in a story

In this project what is mostly focused on is that children enable to find the actual connection with their shadow and the animated story. The attractive story lets children to involve in playing with shadow and provides opportunities to them for being creative.